SCE Hardware (Holdings) Limited is an integrated group that provides services in research and development, manufacturing, distribution and installation. Headquartered in Hong Kong, widely known as the Pearl of the Orient, SCE is engaged in the development, manufacturing and trading of plumbing, heating, gas application and water treatment products. Our products are widely used in industry, agriculture, environmental protection, construction, infrastructure and other areas. In particular, our fittings and valves used in plumbing, heating and gas applications are among the top-rated, making us a designated supplier for a number of renowned enterprises at home and abroad.

SCE is a well-established company with a profound history. Founded in Hong Kong in the 1980s, SCE forged ahead, setting up its production base in the mainland and beginning mass production in the 1990s. The company then carried out overseas investment and establishing units to venture into the Europe and other markets. SCE has now become an international group, whose effort and enthusiasm are evidenced in every stage of its development. Nevertheless, SCE has encountered headwinds and challenges amid political and economic uncertainties around the world. However, with its composure, the board of SCE always succeeded in predicting trends and implementing effective measures to cope with adverse conditions. Thanks to the trust and support from our peers and clients, the board got through the hard times with integrity, professionalism and passion, showing its decision-making capability and exceptional insight. In addition to its Hong Kong headquarters, SCE has subsidiaries and branches in many countries and regions, such as mainland China, Finland, Sweden, South Africa and Brazil, with business across Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America, and Oceania. As an industry leader with cutting-edge technology and equipment, SCE has attained a variety of patents and technological achievements. Its management system passed the ISO9001:2008 certification. The company has also received certifications and licenses from various countries for its product quality.

In recent years, we have adhered to national policies regarding green industries in our ambitious pursuit of our ideal. In early 2000, in response to the government's call for green practices and emission reduction, SCE was among the first to introduce the filters with backwashing and non-replacement cartridge technology from Germany. For the mission of promotion, development, save energy and protect the environment of human being, we adopt advanced technology, excellent services and products. We continue to consolidate our resources and businesses for sustainable development, in order to contribute the China industry growth and the great rejuvenation of the country. In 2012, the sales revenue of SCE exceeded USD85 million (≈ HKD660 million).

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