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SCE Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd is owned by SCE Hardware (Holdings) Limited, a company in Hong Kong.

SCE Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., formerly known as SCE Hardware Mfg. (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., is an integrated production base with proprietary intellectual property rights which is engaged in R&D, design and manufacturing. It is located in the Chalu Industrial Zone of Ninghai County on the east coast of Zhejiang Province, between Xiangshan Bay and Sanmen Bay, where Tiantai Mountain and Siming Mountain cross each other. The factory is highly accessible with convenient transport. It also has a pleasant environment with beautiful scenery. Established in 1993, SCE Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., formerly known as SCE Hardware Mfg. (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., currently employs more than 30 engineering professionals among over 350 staff members. The site has an area of 38,000 square meters and a gross floor area of 22,000 square meters. With total assets worth over USD12 million, the company has an annual output of more than USD27 million (≈HKD210 million) with an annual growth rate of approximately 10%. The Company has 30 specialized production lines and more than 500 sets of production equipment, with an annual production capacity of approximately 3,000 tons of copper brass fittings and valves, with water treatment equipment of up to 100,000 units for domestic, commercial and industrial uses. The R&D capability is top-class. With the support and assistance from Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Commission in our development of major projects, the company developed a number of new products during the 10th and 11th Five-year Plan periods, and continued to roll out innovative connection of plumbing especially in copper tubes, fittings and valves, of which the brass compression fittings launched in 1993 is state of the art. Furthermore, the company's anticorrosive brass materials are widely used in water treatment, plumbing and heating system, with manufacturing technique breakthroughs.

SCE Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., as a modern enterprise, has a team of professional talents which is well equipped for rapid R&D, manufacturing, sales, services and response, as well as personal management and advanced equipment. Today, SCE Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. works as a supporting department for the group's active research and development of green water treatment products and high-end construction materials. The company developed the Handle All your Needs-SCE integrated solution by consolidating resources. From designing to manufacturing, the solution will provide integrated design and construction plans for water supply and treatment systems as well as plumbing and heating systems in apartments, villas, hostels, office buildings, large public facilities and industrial premises, aiming at creating a cozy and healthy environment for people to live and work in.

It is the mission of SCE Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. to adhere to responsibility, integrity, cooperation and innovation to serve our customers, and join hands for further development and a bright future.


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