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Dongli Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SCE Hardware (Holdings) Limited in Hong Kong.

Dongli Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dongli (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd., is the pioneer of the group in the domestic market. It adheres to its objective of being a "Responsible, Reliable, Green and Eco-Friendly" enterprise. Leveraging its advantageous location in Shanghai, an international financial centre, Dongli Technology is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the group's brands such as HANSCE, EAGLE and AQUILA. With the help of other companies within the group, Dongli Technology has introduced advanced water treatment equipment and technology from Germany and other developed countries. The company has imported and promoted the "filter with backwashing and non-replacement cartridge technology" from Germany. It is also the distributor and operator of various world-known brands such as Germany's SYR, JUDO, VORTEX and Q-TEC in the mainland market. As of the end of 2012, the total assets exceeded USD 9.8 million (≈HKD 76 million).

HANSCE (Handle All your Needs-SCE), the integrated solution provided by the group, represents brands such as SYR, JUDO, EAGLE and VORTEX. It has become an integrated system that can be applied to the China market, providing energy-saving solutions to apartments, villas, hostels, office buildings, large public facilities and industrial premises for their plumbing, heating and water treatment systems, from design to installation and after-sales services. Through promotion and guidance, the company is committed to giving professionals and consumers at large a full understanding of the safety assurance in HANSCE's system for domestic drinking water and the use of copper tube which gives healthier lives. With its advantages in safety, reliability, quality, durability, hygiene, Dongli Technology provides comfortable homes for the community.

Through the combined efforts of its design experts, construction teams and after-sales service personnel, Dongli Technology has incorporated its diversified products into an overall solution with a wide range of applications: We apply water filtration, purification and softening technology for households in order to provide safer and healthier drinking water, as well as for the collection of rain water and grey water recycling in water saving; as for commercial and other service sectors, an integrated water and energy saving solution is provided for the central water treatment which used in bath, beverage, landscape and air-conditioner circulating system; as for the industrial area, the cutting-edge ozone and electro deionization (EDI) technology is provided for the treatment of water used in the production process, water softening, circulating and cooling. Thanks to the flexible applications of products and the innovation of technology, some of Dongli Technology's products are included in the list of Water Supply and Drainage Design Manual. In 2012, the company recorded sales revenue of USD9.6 million (≈HKD75 million).

Dongli Technology strives to promote responsibility, integrity, cooperation and innovation, show its care for your well-being, provide a comfortable living environment and improve your quality of life.


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